Who we are

JUNIOR MINING TV covers the hottest industry on the planet! JMTV features the leading Junior Mining companies, whose resource discoveries are laying the foundation of our worldwide economy. JMTV covers the financial markets of Gold, Silver, Green Energy Metals, and goes inside the exciting world of Junior Mining. Understanding the big picture of initial resource exploration and discovery is necessary to truly understand the Precious Metals sector upon which our world’s economy is based. JMTV introduces you to the leading Junior Mining companies and their top leadership, along with expert economic analysts who share, explain, and discuss the latest market trends within the sectors of Gold, Silver, Green Energy Metals and leading Junior Mining Stocks. Junior Mining Stocks are becoming a necessary element within every successful Financial Portfolio, as a powerful vehicle of future monetary protection. JMTV introduces the world of Junior Mining to those who may be very new to this sector, and brings the latest results to those whom are well-versed investors, for real-time economic knowledge which is difficult to find in our increasingly chaotic world. This exploding financial sector offers immense opportunities to protect and grow wealth for those who truly understand it. Remember to always take the time to research your own investment choices. Junior Mining is an industry of power. JMTV takes you behind the scenes of this explosive industry and introduces you to the leaders at the top!